The mentoring program

Bergen.Works has a mission : help your business grow, nationally and internationally. How do we do that?

Being a member of Bergen.Works makes you a member of an important community of more than 100 people working with great companies. We  help you increase your network during internal events – know a little bit more about your coworking colleagues, and external events. Above all, Bergen.Works have a Mentoring Program which helps startups meet experienced mentors in different areas of expertise from Bergen.Works. They share their experience with you and bring you to a next level of competence in specific areas.

Bergen.Works mentors are happy to help startup and people in general. They spend times with you, sharing their experience and knowledge with great pleasure.

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Even better, this mentoring program is free for all members of Bergen.Works!

Every new member will be offered free mentoring sessions.  

Just contact us if you want to be part of this program and become a mentee.