Innovasjonsuken Opp 2017 at Bergen.Works We are hosting the official festivalbar at Bank1Bar. Download festival pass here. Events are hosted every day. Click here for an overview of all events.

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Vibrant workspace for collaborative companies in the heart of Bergen

Bergen Works is a co-working space created by and for businesses that are dedicated to innovation and are ready to grow. We're a community of businesses that found each other in a shared office space at Nøstekaien. We quickly found out that even though our professional fields were different, we had a lot to gain from talking with and inspiring each other. It didn’t take long for us to start coming up with ideas on how we could work together to create innovative solutions, services and products.

Our neighbourhood

We couldn’t be more pleased with our location in the heart of a community of innovation, debate and culture. The neighborhood of Skostredet offers innovative ideas on commerce, environmentally friendly smart options and room for debate and growth. We want to be involved with the neighborhood and plant the seeds for a community that grows from nurturing each other.